10 Qualities of Slow Cloth by Elaine Marie Lipson

Thanks to Elaine Lipson, we share her thoughts on "slow cloth," a term she began using in 2008. These nicely sum up the qualities expressed in the textiles that are produced by the rural artisans in Thailand and Laos with whom TAMMACHAT works. Visit Elaine's blog on Art, Craft, Culture, Sustainability and Slow Cloth for more of her writings. Learn more about these artisans on this blog and on our website.

10 QUALITIES OF SLOW CLOTH (read the full, original piece)

Slow Cloth has the possibility of joy in the process. In other words, the journey matters as much as the destination.

Slow Cloth offers the quality of meditation or contemplation in the process.

Slow Cloth involves skill and has the possibility of mastery.

Slow Cloth acknowledges the rich diversity and multicultural history of textile art.

Slow Cloth honors its teachers and lineage even in its most contemporary expressions.

Slow Cloth is thoughtful in its use of materials and respects their source.

Slow Cloth artists, designers, crafters and artisans want to make things that last and are well-made.

It's in the eye of the beholder, yes, but it's in our nature to reach for beauty and create it where we can.

Slow Cloth supports community by sharing knowledge and respecting relationships.

Slow Cloth is expressive of individuals and/or cultures. The human creative force is reflected and evident in the work.