Peek inside our weaving books!

Come along with us on a virtual tour of Isaan weaving villages in Northeast Thailand! We created 3 PHOTO BOOKS that showcase some of the Thai silk and cotton weaving groups with whom we work. Each book gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of extraordinary handwoven textiles. From creating the natural fibres to natural dyeing to readying the loom, these books tell stories that bring these textiles and the women who create them to life.

You can look inside our books for FREE. If you want to buy a copy for your craft library, they are available either from our website (hardcover only) or from TAMMACHAT's Blurb Bookstore (hardcover and softcover).

With these books, you will go on a virtual tour of Isaan with TAMMACHAT to visit:
  • members of the silk weaving group Panmai
  • members of the silk and cotton weaving group Prae Pan
  • organic cotton farmers, natural dyers and weavers who live along the Mekong River, and are weaving sustainable communities

We're proud that each group featured uses the books themselves to illustrate their traditional practices to their own customers. We also use them extensively at our own eco-textile events to demonstrate weaving and dyeing techniques, and to introduce some of the artisans. Enjoy!