Interested in supporting Thai weavers during this difficult time with Thai floods? Here's a win-win for you and the weavers.

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A win-win for you and the weavers.

President and committee member of Prae Pan Group,
a women's weaving co-op in NE Thailand
Cotton weaver, member of Prae Pan Group
Trainee at Houey Hong Vocational
Training Centre for Women in Laos

Guest blog at StyleSubstanceSoul

Dyeing "that perfect shade of green" with local leaves

I'm happy to share the story of one of our visits with Prae Pan Group in an article entitled "The Women Who Weave" as a guest blogger at StyleSubstanceSoul. Prae Pan is the first group we began working with way back when -- a women's weaving co-operative that's now more than 20 years old.