New book: Grandmother Power - A Global Phenomenon

Paola Gianturco is a captivating speaker. And the message she brings about groups of grandmothers around the world working to make their communities better places is inspirational. We had the great opportunity to hear her speak last evening in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She introduced grandmothers (and grandothers and the rest of us too!) to some of the women in the 17 groups on 5 continents that she visited in writing her book.

Her Circle Ezine recently wrote an excellent review of Grandmother Power.

Organic silk gown by Canadian designer, Michelle Pyxus

Canadian fashion designer Michelle Pyxus bought metres of hand-reeled, handwoven ORGANIC SILK FABRIC from us a couple of years ago. We just received a stunning photo of a stunning silk gown she designed using TAMMACHAT's undyed, handwoven, fair trade organic silk. More wedding gowns to come, says Michelle. Check out her site, Simone's Rose.

Darkrum Photography
Model: Kelsey Johnson
Styling: Valentina Bubalo
Makeup/hair: Asha Roopani

Book: Grandmother Power - Rayela Blog review

Read another perspective on the sharing of grandmother power in TAFA List founder Rachel Biel's review of Paola Gianturco's book -- Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon.

Paola is doing a cross-country speaking tour in Canada and the US. Check her Events page for details.

Thai grandmother at her cotton loom. Photo credit: Paola Gianturco.
Thai grandmother making indigo dye. Photo credit: Ellen Agger.

Slow Fashion that Puts People First

An article in Urban Times by TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles' co-founder Alleson Kase explores TAMMACHAT's approach to fair trade and introduces some of our weaving partners.

Spinning organic cotton in Thailand
Organic silk scarf from Thailand
Organic silk scarf from Laos

Tammachat: Beautiful Textiles that Make a Difference

It's been a busy month online and off for TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles! 
Read these interesting stories about TAMMACHAT and Paola Gianturco's new book, Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon. We're thrilled with the Thailand connection in her fascinating section on a grandmothers' organic cotton weaving group.
A grandmother in Kokkabok village dyeing cotton with natural indigo

Grandmother Power
HandEye Magazine
Grandmother Power Review Preview
The Environmental

Our handwoven textiles are featured in 2 Facebook albums by TAFA List (the Textile and Fiber Art List), a great place to find handmade textiles: