Bringing more books to children in Laos

TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles supports another book party and new silent reading program in a rural school in Laos through Big Brother Mouse, an innovative Lao publishing company.

Big Brother Mouse writes to us: 
On Oct. 11, 2013, every student in Huaikorng Village enjoyed a book during their school's new reading time. Until now, most of these children had probably never even seen a book except perhaps a textbook, and had never read a book for enjoyment. They didn't even know such things existed.
With your help, we've set up a reading program in the primary school here.  Many of these children won't be reading at first; reading skills are very weak, because they have so little practice. But now, with the very easy books that we provide, those skills will improve. To start off the new program, we held a book party for the children.

Thanks to our customers' support, we donate a book through Big Brother Mouse to a child in Laos for every textile piece we sell. You can help us do this -- visit our online shop anytime and get more for your purchase.

Visit Big Brother Mouse online to see more photos from our latest book party.