Supporting Literacy in Laos - 2013 Update

Another 3 book parties sponsored by TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles (thanks to our customers) were held on Feb. 7, March 14 and April 9, 2013 in 3 villages in rural Laos. At the end of each party, held at the village schools, all the kids get to choose a free book of their own in the Lao language, nearly always the first book they've ever owned. Then the book party team leaves more books with the school, so the students can trade their book for a different one after they've read it.

Global Grandmother Power Grows

GRANDMOTHER POWER -- A Global Phenomenon by Paola Gianturco
Paola Gianturco's book, GRANDMOTHER POWER -- A Global Phenomenon, is making waves! Enjoy and share these updates as word spreads about grandmothers around the world making a difference.