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Here's a great chance for you to win 1 year of free ads, worth $1000, to reach textile lovers with your business on the new TAFA List site -- that's The Textile and Fiber Art List, a hub for textile artists and businesses of all kinds. "Advertisers most likely to do well: any related to textiles and fiber art (of course!), art, crafts, women, eco-living, spirituality, health, etsy, technology, website development, design, and all of that good stuff." Go to the TAFA Sponsor page for details.

We've been involved with TAFA List since early days, when it was a discussion forum for individual fibre artists and businesses like TAMMACHAT. What we love is how it's grown over the years and how Rachel Biel, the driving force -- and visionary -- behind TAFA List has included fair trade businesses like ours in her vision. That vision: to provide a place online for a business community of entrepreneurs rooted in textile and fiber art products and traditions. TAFA's site says: "A majority of our members have social and environmental agendas at the core of their business. TAFA unites old and new traditions, their historical and modern importance, giving a shared platform to both contemporary and traditional textile techniques from all cultures." We love this inclusivity! Visit TAMMACHAT's TAFA List page.

If you're a fibre artist (fiber artist!), consider joining for a one-time fee of only $75. If you're a business that wants to reach a fibre- and textile-interested market, become a sponsor for a very reasonable price. And maybe you'll be the lucky one to win 1 year of free ads on TAFA List!